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Important Shortcuts for Photoshop Professionals

Posted on Aug 02, 2023 by Soumendra Saha
Computer Fundamentals

Shortcut keys helps us to operate more faster. So in this blog we will discuss about some important whindows shortcuts, one should remember to work faster on photoshop.
We can view or change any default shortcuts from Edit menu => Keyboard Shortcuts. Or Press alt+ctrl+shift+k

Some Useful Default Windows shortcut keys

Shortcut Usage
ctrl + Zoom in
ctrl - Zoom out
z Zoom Tool
ctrl + T Free Transform
ctrl + D Deselect selections
ctrl + shift + N Create new blank layer
ctrl + N Opens New Image Dialogue
ctrl + O Opens an existing file
V Selects move tool
L Lasso tool
G Gradient tool
Paint Bucket tool
P Pen Tool
T Type Tool
B Brush Tool
C Crop Tool
X Switch background and foreground colours
[ Decrease Brush Size
] Increase Brush Size
ctrl + J New layer via copy