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Secrets for success in Interview!

Posted on October 20, 2021 by Soumendra Saha
Interview Preparation
Interview Success

Whether it is a Private or a Govt. job interview, there will be a sure success if you strictly follow the 7 rules given below. These rules meant for success in the HR round of interview.

Here are the 7 golden rules for success:

1. Know your company first

The best way to guarantee that you are tailoring and targeting your interview information for a specific company is to make sure you're keeping up on all their news and information.

2. Research yourself

Employers want you to be self aware. Have a long hard look at what you have achieved, the way you have achieved that result and the skills you developed or demonstrated along the way.

3. Give yourself time

Leave plenty of time to get to the interview. Rushing breeds panic. No matter what excuse you have, lateness is noted. It creates a negative impression and it puts you behind immediately. Allowing waiting time for an interview gives you time to compose Yourself, gather your thoughts and be mentally prepared.

4. Be Nice to everyone

Did you know your interview starts the minute you walk through the front door of the company you are interviewing with? How you treat everyone around you, from potential future co-workers to the receptionist at the front desk, can help determine if you get a job or not.

5. Connect Before Diving In

When you first meet whoever is interviewing you, get them to talk about anything except the interview. Instead, use those first moments to build a rapport with your interviewer. Remember, they're potentially interviewing hundreds of people and the ones they'll remember are the ones that stand out for the right reasons.

6. Turn the Tables and ask your own questions

A good interview is more than just you sitting in a room rattling off prepared answers to questions. It's also an opportunity for you to learn about the job, the company and your potential role within that world. Make sure to have a few questions prepared before you interview and find the time during the interview to ask them.

7. Follow Up! (Before You Leave the Interview)

At the end of your interview, make sure to reinforce the idea that you're interested in the job. Wrap up with a phrase like "I'm really looking forward to an opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic company and I really hope you select me."